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You are the project owner and you carry out one or more construction, renovation, demolition, civil engineering operations (...) which involve more than 2 companies simultaneously or successively, the regulations require the establishment of a SPS coordination mission.


SPS coordination on your Operation allows you to manage the risks associated with co-activity as well as the risks associated with subsequent work on the structure.

Uman Group   offers you experienced CSPS who can assist you in monitoring your operations.

Whether it is small, medium or large, the CSPS Uman group will provide you with the necessary support so that your operation takes place in the best possible conditions.

For this, the CSPS will intervene from the design phase to support you on the two key subjects of the SPS coordination mission, which are the definition of general site organization measures and the choices to be made for subsequent interventions on the work.

He will accompany you and your project management team to determine as early as possible the measures to be put in place to limit the risks on your sites, whether during the construction phase or during the building maintenance phase.


This mission was introduced by Decree No. 94-1159 of December 26, 1994 relating to the integration of security and the organization of coordination in matters of security and health protection during building or civil engineering operations. and amending the labor code.

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