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Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document

The Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DURP) has been a mandatory document for all companies, regardless of their size, since 2001. It is written by the employer and aims to identify the occupational risks to which workers in the company.

The DURP must identify the occupational risks related to working conditions, work organization, equipment, products and substances used as well as environmental factors. Once the risks have been identified, the employer must implement preventive actions to eliminate or reduce these risks.

At Uman Control, we offer a complete service to support companies in carrying out their DURP. Our team of experienced professionals can intervene on site to carry out a complete occupational risk assessment. We are able to carry out a precise analysis of work situations, identify risk factors and propose appropriate solutions to eliminate or reduce them.

Our approach is based on actively listening to our customers and their organization to offer a personalized response adapted to their needs. We are aware of the issues related to workplace safety and we attach great importance to protecting the health and physical well-being of workers.

At Uman Control, we are convinced that the quality of our service is based on the quality of our team. This is why we invest in the continuous training of our employees to guarantee cutting-edge and up-to-date expertise in the prevention of occupational risks.

Entrust us with the realization of your DURP and benefit from a tailor-made solution, adapted to your needs and your organization. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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